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Exercise tips? - Weight Loss Surgery

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January 29th, 2013

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11:20 pm - Exercise tips?
Wow, a lot of people getting the sleeve nowadays! It wasn't available to me when I had my lap-band done in 2010, but I'm wondering if more people have had success with it?

I'm currently around 260lbs and 5'6" and in the past two years or so (surgery was 12/2010) I've gone up and down but the lowest I've gotten to was about 240lbs. It's definitely not a lot of loss, but I know that's entirely my fault - poor eating habits and lack of exercise and motivation have to do with it, but I'm trying to change!

I want to take baby steps so I don't discourage myself so for now it's food journaling, walking the dogs 4 times a week (about 15 minutes each time), and walking on the treadmill 3 times a week (30-45 minutes each time). I think these are reasonable goals - I like walking on the treadmill a lot and walking the dogs is a short enough trip that I can definitely do it often (these crazy dogs of mine don't like to go on walks, can you believe it!). I can't really do weight lifting (though I enjoy it) because I'll be having surgery soon to have my port removed. Unfortunately it got infected (has anyone else had that happen?) and I'll be on a lift limit until after a second surgery to have a new port put in.

But! I'm wondering if anyone has any other exercise tips or tips for remembering to journal your food... Any advice is appreciated

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Date:February 6th, 2013 01:24 am (UTC)
I am a band to sleeve. I loved my band - lost 77 pounds with it - but it rubbed a hernia in my diaphram.
I converted to a sleeve....
The thing that my WLS Dr's office is saying - is to work out hard - high intensity - work out to your exhausted... not work out to a level so that you can go 45 minutes.
Work out HARD for 20 or 30 - so long as your exhausted at the end... and then start trying to extend that intensity to 45 minutes.

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