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Weight Loss Surgery
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This community is open to anyone who is pre or post-op for weight loss surgery, as well as those considering it, or friends and family members who want to know more.

This community is NOT here as "thinspiration" for those with eating disorders. This is a support community, not troll fodder. Please respect one another, and our reasons for being here.

Weight loss surgery is not a magic bullet or quick fix. It is major surgery, and changes the life of every patient who goes through with it. If you are considering one of these surgeries without understanding the consequences, we strongly suggest you do more research. There can be complications that are far more unpleasant than being overweight.

A good resource for research is the Obesity Help website.

Keep on topic-- anything related to WLS and supporting those who have had or are considering it. Respect one another, and yourselves. Don't out anyone with an eating disorder. Don't cause (or elevate) drama. Keep comments enabled to encourage discussion among community members - that's why we're here.

Your mods are devina, brat_sheba, feetwilltravel, hiddentask, madlori and lizzie. You can email us (wls @ livejournal . com) with any questions or concerns you have. We don't always have time to read comments in every post, so please let us know immediately if you're having issues with another member, or the occasional troll.

The community has moderated membership. Please be patient, as it may take the mods a few days to get to your request. We take care of applications at least once a week. No need to apply more than once - we haven't missed your application, we just have busy lives and may not get to review it right away. In order to create a safe environment for our members, we do tend to reject pro-eating disorder applicants. Feel free to email the mods (wls@livejournal.com) if you have a valid reason to join but are pro-ED. (Having an eating disorder will not necessarily block you from the community.) Thanks!

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