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August 24th, 2012

06:56 pm - Another protein shake rec
So in the neverending battle of the protein shake, I have a new recommendation. I was at a local organic-food store the other night and spied CalNaturale's Svelte protein shakes. There were four flavors (choc, van, spiced chai and cappuccino). They were 260 calories and only 9 grams of sugar for 16 grams of protein! So I bought one of the spiced chai to drink on the way home from a hike.

It was really, really good. Very tasty, not gritty or protein-y, and I felt like it kept me satisfied for a really long time, longer than usual from a shake.

Here is their website:


I have yet to check my local Whole Foods to see if they're carried there. But last night I returned to the same store and bought two of each flavor, so we'll see if it's just the spiced chai flavor that's good!

If these pan out, I may order them from the website. It's cheaper.

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August 7th, 2012

07:25 am - Measurement issues
I was kindly scolded for not measuring my calories and protein during the last two weeks. I really can't see how.
Example... in a provided menu suggestion.
Blend potato soup with cottage cheese or protein supplement - then thin out to desired consistency with broth.

I blended 1 cup potato soup with 1/2 cup low fat 1% cottage cheese and thinned it out with broth.

I ate about three tablespoons tops during one setting.

Trying to figure that out was confusing! I don't know how they expect you to figure out the protein on something like that. Do you add it all up and then keep dividing until you get to your digested amount?

Just curious.

I've moved stages and I can track it - but this last week was just so frustrating.

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July 30th, 2012

10:45 am - lapband removed, then bypass 2.5 years out
I wanted to share my story. The lapband did nothing for me, except I remained at the same weight, I had been gaining, it pretty much stopped any gain.

Two years after that, I decided to remove the lapband and get gastric bypass. My surgeon said he paced up and down the operating room after seeing how much scarring I had, trying to decide whether to do the bypass or not. He did and I recovered.

It took a few months to drop the weight, then without any exercising mainly because I was so terribly anemic and had lots of pain, I was pretty much in bed for 8 months.

I dropped weight very fast, which in hindsight makes sense as to why I had the worst depression of my life, all those hormones in my fat, it was a time of barely hanging on.

Along with the long time healing and pain, my throat began to close up. It would get so bad that I couldn't swallow my own spit.

I would have to have procedure after procedure, dilating my throat, I had that atleast 4 times.

Red heads tend to scar more, we also feel more pain. I have learned alot about things.

2.5 years out, I am right where I want to be, I will not get plastics, the pain doctor I have, used to work with my surgeon and she said that they spend most of the surgery cauterizing nerve endings.

For others who are dealing with anemia, liver toxicity (fatty liver). I recommend the following daily or every other day. You can sweeten it as needed, I take it straight, it has made all the difference for me.

Organic nettle, raspberry leaf and clover, put it in a tea ball, put in a cup, drink atleast 2 cups a day.

All the difference.

Right now the biggest PITA is my stomach in constant pain, I need super ranitidine or something.

Would I do it again? I am not sure to be honest. I am considered a 'light weight' as I had under 100 lbs to lose, I am just now, seriously having more energy and not having to take a nap every day.

If I can answer any questions, let me know!

220 highest, 130-140 current, size 8!

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07:50 am - Back After Years... or Hi There.
My name is Chelle, and I used to be a regular here. In the winter of 2005 I weighed 503 pounds. A few days into 2006, I had gastric bypass surgery. For me, the biggest factors in that decision were the fact that I was pretty much becoming wheelchair bound due to enormous back pain when I tried to stand, and I losing the ability to walk at that weight. And at that point in my life I was becoming increasingly unhappy that my life was headed more and more to that of a shut in. I knew surgery was a drastic (and perhaps even life-threatening, if I was unlucky) option, but that's how much I didn't want to keep living life from that wheelchair, and becoming more and more isolated from the world at large and farther from the life I wanted.

At 6 years out, I'll do my best to keep a very long story short.

At first I lost weight hand over fist. It still wasn't effortless - I definitely worked for it, but it flew off when I did. Life was good. At eight months the loss seriously slowed down, so I started a heavier exercise regimen, eventually becoming a 5K runner. I started very strict calorie counting as well, and within the first few years, I got off ALL my extra weight. Strangely enough, the smaller I got, the more fragile I seemed to become. (My theory is the body just doesn't run as well when it's in the "getting mediocre nutrition" neighborhood, as mine was with the return of serious calorie counting to my life even post op.) I've had many a complication along the way, including strictures, more bleeding ulcers than I can count, a burst gall bladder, a severe liver infection, problems with scar tissue in my intestines, severe anemia, unexplained dizzy spells, and I'm sure there are a few other issues I'm probably forgetting to list at the moment as well. But eventually I got there; I stood there at 165 at goal weight, and felt crazy accomplished. Then came plastics.

For me, plastics were a nightmare. The pain was ... more intense than you ever want to know. All my plastic surgeries were complicated; nothing wanted to heal right. In the worst case, I had a chronically infecting tunneling wound that took 10 months and some serious work at the John's Hopkins wound care clinic to heal up. The worst part is that during those 10 months of SEVERE STRESS with the Big Bad Soul Sucking Wound, I could not exercise, and I lost a lot of the good habits I had clung to so ferociously to get me to goal in the first place. And needless to say, thus the gaining began again.

It was a slow but steady gaining process, putting on about a pound per week. Over the course of about 2.5 years, I gained about 120 back. It would seem this year I'm finally stabilizing around 280. Needless to say, I have very mixed feelings about this. There are the positive things, like the fact that I have kept off over 220 pounds. But it's harder not to feel like I've also failed, back here 120 pounds heavier than I once was and struggling SOOO hard and yet still unsuccessfully to get back on the crazy strict regimen that got me to goal once.

For me, surgery has been a mixed bag. I'm out of the wheel chair, but I still deal with a lot of back and knee pain. I seem to be much more fragile these days, especially when it comes to my GI system of course. I have to admit one of the factors in me being stable now are the periods I have when my stomach is so sensitive nothing stays down for a while. My life is a cycle of gaining a bit when my stomach is doing well, then taking it off again when I have those phases when I try to eat and everything hurts the instant it hits my poor Frankenstomach and nothing stays down. Not ideal weight maintenance I know, but it is my life.

Ultimately though, I'd still say it's been worth it for me. Even though right now I feel huge again and am really hating my body again... Well, at least now it gets me around. I walk. I can go shopping with friends. I'll get in a swimming pool with no fear of not being able to get my fat butt out again. I got to cons, and festivals, and parks, and I dance. That alone - being able to get out under the stars and dance again, sometimes just that alone almost makes it worth while. It's what I am doing this weekend in fact - going to a weekend music and camping festival where I will surely have loads of fun and dance. When things get rough sometimes, and the complications of this choice rear their ugly heads, I try my best to remember weekends like this next one where I feel free and I can dance. Even in spite of all the complications, It's hard to regret the choice when I remember to be grateful for such things.

I'm back here again to say hi, and re-introduce myself. I really *DO* want to get this weight I've gained back off, and I think maybe I just might need all the support I can get to do it... So here I am, back in the support community, trying again.

Anyway, sorry for the rambley post, and I look forward to getting to know you all here. :)

Have a great week,

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July 29th, 2012

12:11 pm - weird - scary
First this might be one of those TMI posts.

Surgery Date 7/16 VGS

I haven't left a poop since July 25th. Yes - I am going on four full days.
I am passing gas.

This morning I chewed up the ulti vitamin. Turned to get something out of the frig and sneezed - hard.
I then - immediately had this wave of Nausea. I actually dry heaved.
I ran to the bathroom where I was sweaty... and slightly dizzy.

I feel fine right now - ( except for the urge to poo ) but I seem to not be able to...

so what the hell happened to me - and should I call my Dr's office on the weekend - or just let it ride to Monday morning?

Any thoughts on what they will prescribe for the BM problem?

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July 22nd, 2012

06:52 pm - The surgery update
I am officially six days out from my VSG surgery. I get better every day - as they said I would. I'm still dealing with on demand caffeine headaches. These come from my inability to drink it as fast as my body is used to receiving it.

The procedure is usually done in an hour to 90 minutes. Mine took three hours and some change because of removing my lapband first.

The hospital stay is usually three days - but because of the band they kept me a fourth day.

This meant instead of surgery on Monday - swallow test on Tuesday and then discharge on Wednesday.
I had surgery on Monday - down day of waiting for swelling to go down on tuesday and then swallow test on Wednesday and discharge on Thursday.
I didn't mind the not drinking anything this time. They permitted me to swish my mouth out with water and to brush my teeth. Things they didn't permit last time.

One of the most difficult things was the raging caffeine headache on Wednesday morning. I had the nurses turn off all the lights and close the curtain/blinds. I went down for swallow test at 9 am - and had hot warm tea by 10:30 - headache slowly rolling away.

I never had ALOT of pain. On a scale of 1-10 I never got above a three. I was in charge of my own pain medicine until late tuesday night - with the pump. The nurses were on the spot - with giving me something as soon as I said I was uncomfortable - even the one time I said my pain scale is a one.

G. was a trooper. He had to balance me being in the hospital and our eldest dog being swarmed by hornets (again). This meant another trip to the vet.

The impress upon you that the more you walk - the faster you heal and feel better. The nurses require at least two hall shuffles on day of surgery post op. We did at least three.

I think there were 8- 10 hall shuffles on Tuesday.

Wednesday I woke up feeling better - G. had a long day on Tuesday so I tried not to call him. I was feeling better yet - this ' what the fuck did I do to myself just sorta festered in my brain'

I had a total of one hall shuffle on Wednesday when he called at 11:30. He asked - how much walking had I done.. and I said one.
He asked why so little? I didn't really fess up to the brain cramp - so I walked twice before he arrived. Thinking - does it matter if I wallow in what I did to myself - its done - and if I am going to get better from it - I need to move. ((there will be another second post about this wallow in a few))
So up and down the hall Tuesday and Wednesday I met K. SHe had the sleeve Tuesday and D. who had a RNY back in 2009 and he had a hernia repair on Monday BUT he was having a infection issue due to his low immune system. It was great we would lap around encouragine each other.

Thursday I was up early again - was sipping tea when both the surgeon and the DO arrived. They both said I would probably be out by 1. Discharge didn't happen until 4:30. hospital time warp.

There was some excitement on the ride home. I was completely afraid of the Cleveland rush hour traffic and wanted G. to drive slow. -YET - The swallow test is a natural laxative. It reaches full effectiveness 24 hours post test. Thursday on my way home.
Edit to add:
no. I did not poop myself. It was however close and I kept yelling we have turtles here Mister! Or the ever favorite - I'm crowning.

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July 10th, 2012

02:20 pm - Dear Moderators and Community Members
What happened to this community? When I joined two years ago there were plenty of weekly posts and a lot of support from community members in the form of comments and responses to inquiry.

The posting has dwindled down to just a handful per month and the comments and responses have also dwindled. I recently went through my list of communities and removed them from my account. Most of them had few to any posts for the past few months or even years.

I don't want this community to suffer the same fate. If everyone is so preoccupied with facebook I would be willing to open a fb wls group and close it for invitation only and offer it to the members but I like lj and want to continue using it.


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July 3rd, 2012

09:38 pm - Food Tracking App
What APP are you using to track your food?

Is there any particular one that you tried and didn't like?

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June 24th, 2012

08:57 am - Down 8 lbs. This Week
I mostly attribute this to getting back to the gym and burning calories as well as trying to snack less and eat more protein. Now I need to add a lot more water into my life...

Can I request a list of your favorite songs to work out to?

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June 23rd, 2012

12:31 am - transition clothes? cheap....
i'm moving and decided that i have too many bags of clothes that i simply need to let go of. if you're looking for some pants, jeans, skirts etc. (mostly lane bryant) take a peek...


thank you

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